Well Water

Clack Well Water Chlorination System

To chlorinate a water supply properly it is necessary to understand chlorine demand, free available chlorine residual and contact time.

1. Chlorine demand is the amount of chlorine required to kill bacteria, oxidize iron or other elements in the water, and oxidize any organic matter that may be present. There is no easy way to determine the amount of chlorine required — chlorine is added until the chlorine odor persists.

2. Free available chlorine residual is the amount of chlorine remaining in the water after the chlorine demand has been met. If the chlorine demand is greater than the amount of chlorine introduced, there will be no free available chlorine residual. Unless a chlorine residual is present, adequate amounts of chlorine have not been added to the water.

3. Contact time is the amount of time that the chlorine is present in the water. The combination of chlorine residual and contact time determines the effectiveness of the chlorination treatment. The bacterial "kill factor" is defined as the product of free available chlorine residual and contact time. Thus the greater the chlorine residual the shorter the required contact time for bacterial kill.

This Package will be modified and built to specification based on the quality of customers water. Used for the removal of Bacteria, Iron Bacteria, Iron, Sulfur, Tannins, Discoloration, Hardness, Scale build up. Based on water quality additional equipment may be needed.

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