Clack 6500 Dual Tank Water Treatment System

For consumers who demand “the very best”!

Our popular dual media water conditioners utilize Vortech patended distributor technology to maximize your media efficiency with two seperate media chambers in one tank.

Activated Carbon: for pre-treatment removes chlorine taste, odors and extends ion exchange resin life.

High Efficiency Ion Exchange Resin: for increased efficiency and to enhance performance with high iron content water.

Features & Benefits

  • Designed for whole house water treatment.
  • Carbon pre-treatment provides extendedresin life
  • High salt and water efficiency.
  • Low cost, single tank design with only one (1) control valve.
  • No media migration for more contact time and increased efficiency.
  • Lower pressure drop.
  • Space saving single tank design.Contaminates Removed
  • Removes hardness
  • Removes chlorine
  • Removes taste and odor
  • Removes iron

Models Below:

Metered valve for greater efficiency

  • Solid state micro processor.
  • Configuration in non volatile memory.
  • Capacitor back-up.
  • Noryl construction.
  • Digital LCD display.

Vortech Tank

  • No gravel under bedding.
  • 1-1/2 X’s the open surface area of a traditional cone
  • Gravel system for lower pressure drop.
  • Permanently attached riser tube.
  • Exclusive Vortech Extrusion manufacturing process.
  • 100% made in the USA.
  • NSF Certified.

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